Licensing Art



If you represent a greeting card publisher, a museum, a company, a family, or yourself and would like to license American Artists Group artwork, please contact us at 706-227-0708 or send an email to

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Adoration   airplane   alligator   angels   antelope   apple blossoms  aspens   attorney-at-law     baby   barn   baseball     basketball    Bay Area    beach     bear     bells    Bethlehem    bicycle    birches    birds   bluebirds     boats     boy     Brooklyn Bridge     bull     bus     butterfly     cabin cruiser     cactus     California     coast     camel     candles     candy canes     Capitol Rotunda     car     cardinals     cat     cathedral     Central Park     cherry tree     Chicago     chicken     children     chimney     Christmas tree     Chrysler Building     church     cliffs     cocktails     computers     construction     corn     cow     crèche     daisies     dancing     deer     dog     dolls     doves     East River     Empire State Building     family farmhouse     father     ferns     field     fir tree     fishing     Flat Iron Building     flight     flowers     fox     frog     fruit     geese     giraffe     girl     goblets     Golden Gate Bridge     golf     goodwill     Grand Central     harbor     haystack     hearth     holly     horse     Hudson River     hummingbirds     hunting     ice cream     ice skating     international     irises     judge     jury     kangaroo     kiss     kitchen     kittens     laboratory     lamb    languages     lake     landscape     lighthouse     lilies     Lincoln Center     lion     love     Madonna and child     Magi     manger     maps     Mary and Joseph    meadow     Metropolitan Opera     mistletoe     monkey     Monterey     moon     mother     mountain     mouse     New York Public Library     North Star     ocean     oil rig    ornaments     owl     pantry     Park Avenue     parrot     partridge     peace     penguins     pheasant     pig     planet     poinsettias     police     pond     postage     quail     railroad station     reindeer     Rockefeller Center     rooster     roses     rowboat     sailing     Santa     seal     seashore     shells     sheep     shepherd     silo     skiing     sleigh     sledding     snow     snowshoe     soccer     space     sports     spruce     squirrels     stained glass     stallion     stars     Statue of Liberty     still life     stockings on mantel     stork     stream     sun     sunset surf     swordfish     tennis     theatre     three kings     train     traffic     travel     tree     tugboat     turkey     turtle     unicorn     United Nations     Verrazano Bridge    violets     Wall Street     Washington Square     waterfall     wreath     world     xylophone